Developing your business

Running a small business means you need to understand many aspects of business and wear just as many hats.

My career has revolved around building, managing and growing businesses with as specialties product development and automation. Having worked in every discipline means I have deep generalist knowledge of every aspect of business which I apply daily in my own ventures. To help others I assist with mentoring, coaching and consultancy services.

You choose whether to stick to advice or get help managing or completing some specific bits of work.

Contact Rob and he will offer you a listening ear & free advice with no strings attached.

Call Rob on 021-388 747

Business Services

If you have challenges with market analysis, product development, or sales & channel management we can assist.

When you find yourself short-handed we can help with Ad-Interim Leadership & Management support.

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Software Services

If you are building a large global system, an application eco-system or just a small in-house tool we can help you. We can design, develop, host and maintain solutions ranging from embedded device drivers to web applications, big data and cloud systems. Many of our projects leverage Microsoft products, tools and technologies for speed and reliability reasons.

You have found a one stop shop for software development. If you need to automate some activities or improve & fix a system we want to hear from you. Connect with Rob to work out how we can help.

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A good advisor helps you and your team reduce tasks and focus on what matters most.