Software Services

Web Applications

Not many organisations can survive without an online presence through a public or secure online service. Increasing the potential with social services, integration with business partners, and other online services makes the overall architecture complex and the security risk high.

We can give you input on your architecture, perform security audits, design entire solutions or maintain your systems. Regardless how your system is hosted we can be of service.

Business Applications

If you need applications that can support your sales and operations you require systems that are solid and reliable without breaking the bank. Many would prefer a custom solution that can grow with their organisation and changing needs. You need a partner who is here to stay whilst flexible enough to build what you need.

We would like to hear what your needs are to see if we can help you get what you want or assist you select a suitable off the shelf solution that meets your needs.

Software Focus Areas


Often all a business needs is a structured way to store key information, complemented by processes that ensure the data is entered, used, and maintained in a consistent manner.

We can help by building a custom database for you, we can develop ways to access your old systems, or transform them into a new system that suits your current or future needs.

API and Application Eco-system development

Businesses have a rapidly increasing need to interact with other computer systems to retrieve or publish information. Fortunately these activities can now be automated via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) which simplify the interaction.

We are experienced designing and building APIs, Data Metrics & Analytics layers, and platforms to enable application Eco-systems and security infrastructures. Call to discuss NZ  021-388 747